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Jiangsu Jinqiao Welding Materials Technology Co. , Ltd.


Jiangsu Jinqiao Welding Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hailing District Taizhou industrial park, a state-owned high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province. By Jiangsu Xinghai Special Steel Co., Ltd. and welding materials production enterprise-tianjin Jinqiao welding materials group in early 2014 joint venture. Registered capital of 80 million yuan, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, Gross leasable area 25,000 square meters, total assets of 159 million yuan. Now it has 120 employees, including 36 college graduates.

The company mainly develops, produces and sells various types of stainless steel welding materials, with the trademark "Jinqiao Welding Materials". Products include stainless steel MIG, TIG, SAW solid wire, stainless steel electrode, stainless steel flux cored wire and non-ferrous material for high efficiency welding. Products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, pressure vessels, military, railway, shipbuilding, aerospace, nuclear power, food, medical equipment and many other industries. The company insists on the project first, speeds up the technical transformation, speeds up the transformation upgrading. At present, the annual production capacity of up to 30,000 tons, is a large-scale stainless steel wire production enterprises, annual sales of 800 million yuan.

Testing Equipment

Infrared C.S instrument

Infrared C.S instrument



Welding wire performance arc welding robot detection device

Welding wire performance arc welding robot detection device

Electronic universal testing machine

Electronic universal testing machine

Portable Spectrometer

Portable spectrometer

metallographic microscope

Metallographic microscope

Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer 001

Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer

Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer 002

Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer

Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer 003

Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer


Top 100 Chinese Machinery Industry
Manufacturing single champion product
China's Industrial Model Enterprise
National Green Factory


Valid patent
National high-tech enterprise
National industrial strong foundation task undertaking unit
National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise

1.45 million tons

Annual production and sales
Comprehensive welding material research and development and production enterprise
Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world
Achieved a turnover of 8 billion yuan

Technical Strength

Technological innovation has always been the driving force and core competitiveness of Jinqiao Group. The group carries forward the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the founder Hou Lizun and the older generation of Jinqiao people, rooted innovation genes in the blood, insists on innovation-driven enterprise development, and plays a leading role in product innovation and production innovation through independent innovation and collaborative innovation. The development of new materials and new processes in the field of national high-end equipment manufacturing is based on the national enterprise technology center, Tianjin enterprise technology center, enterprise key laboratory, academician expert workstation, postdoctoral research workstation, welding industry alliance and other R&D platforms owned by the group. With a talent gathering platform, it can effectively, actively and actively connect with upstream and downstream industries, form a linkage innovation mechanism between production, learning, research, and use, expand partners, and continuously introduce high-end welding consumables that meet market demand. Accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.